This site is about music. Music for church use, music for children, music for fun.

It is about music that I have written in various parts of the world during many years working for the governments of small Commonwealth countries. I have worked as a law drafter in the South Pacific (Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and the Fiji Islands), in the West Indies (Montserrat and Grenada) and most recently in Hong Kong. As a pianist, organist, choir member and conductor, I have been involved in music-making in all those places, as well as in England where I am now living. I have also written music in many places, and this site records the results of 35 years amateur and part-time composing.

The main body of work is the 8-volume series of Sermons in Song. The original motive for writing these was to provide solos for use in Christian Science churches, where a sacred solo is a feature of the service every Sunday. I found that the repertoire was rather old-fashioned and that little was being written for solo use. I was also conscious that the singers and accompanists in many churches need songs that are not technically demanding and that allow the words to be clearly heard. I hope that in my Sermons in Song I have achieved these aims.

Another section of my output is the five groups of Hymn-Tune Interludes. These began when I was organist at the Presbyterian Church in Suva, Fiji Islands, and found myself doodling on some of the well-known hymn tunes used in the services. I chose some of the tunes that also appear in the Christian Science Hymnal to develop as Interludes. They can be played as preludes, as offertories, or as postludes.

Also while living in Fiji, I started writing songs for my two daughters, then aged 3 and 5. We used to make up songs as we drove round the island in our 4-wheel drive SUV. Songs about the moon, the bumpy road and the windscreen wipers almost wrote themselves. Nursery rhymes with exotic harmonies and lullabies and praying songs make up the rest of the two series of Songs for Children.

It was in Fiji also that I arranged some of the solos from Sermons in Song as Choral Anthems. The arrangements were made for the Fiji Arts Club Choir, under its director Robin Palmer. The choir performs twice a year on Fiji One Television and each of these anthems has therefore been performed in a TV broadcast.

The other compositions which make up my musical output are listed under Miscellaneous. They include instrumental items, all of which have been performed in fund-raising concerts. Some of the music is available in printed form; some is only in manuscript but is included for completeness.

If you find something that interests you on any of these lists, please do get in touch with me or the Art Store in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. For details, see Contact.

In Ephesians (5:18,19) St. Paul exhorts us to “be filled with the Spirit; speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”
And not only to ourselves, but to the whole world. It is in that spirit that this website is dedicated to music-lovers everywhere.

John F. Wilson
Kettering, Northants., UK
December 2004