HYMN TUNE INTERLUDES - Five sets of short pieces for organ or piano based on hymns in the Christian Science Hymnal by John F. Wilson

Four Hymn-Tune Interludes

Hyfrydol (Hymn 175) Lo, He sent His Word and healed them

Gloaming (Hymn 160) It matters not what be thy lot

Faith (Hymn 301) Saw ye my Saviour ?

Dalkeith (Hymn 297) Science, the angel with the flaming sword

Millennium Interludes

Alma (Hymn 154) In Thee, O Spirit, true and tender

St Leonard (Hymn 224) O Lord, I would delight in Thee

St Clement (Hymn 381) What brightness dawned

Maryton (Hymn) 234 O Master, let me walk with thee
and Gottlob (Hymn 32) Brood o’er us

Beatitudo (Hymn 284) Prayer is the heart’s sincere desire

Pixham (Hymn 20) Be true and list the voice within

Island Interludes

Nicea (Hymn 117) Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

St. Denio (Hymn 150) In mercy, in goodness

Ancient of Days (Hymn 202) O dreamer, leave thy dreams

Londonderry Air (Hymn 412) O dreamer, leave thy dreams

Benediction (Hymn 208) O gentle presence

Spohr (Hymn 51) Eternal Mind the Potter is

Bethany (Hymn 192) Nearer, my God, to Thee

Guidance (Hymn 304) Shepherd, show me how to go

Pak Kok Interludes

Crusader’s Hymn (Hymn 275) Praise now creative Mind

Norton (Hymn 254) O’er waiting harpstrings

All Souls (Hymn 195) Not what I am

Forest Green (Hymn 5) A voice from heaven

Laundon (Hymn 300) Saw ye my Saviour ?

St. Cecilia (Hymn 382)(1st version) What is thy birthright, man ?

Salzburg (Hymn 11) Angels at the Saviour’s birth

Hampstead (Hymn 232)
and St. Margaret (Hymn 406) O Love, our Mother, ever near.

Lunedale Interludes

Carol Melody (Hymn 237) O may we be still

Mount Calvary (Hymn144) In atmosphere of Love divine

Love (Hymn 30) Brood o’er us

Rutherford (Hymn 151) In speechless prayer and reverence

St.Cecilia (Hymn 382) (2nd version) What is thy birthright, man ?

Strength and Stay (Hymn 317) Still, still withThee

Ewing (Hymn 148) In heavenly Love abiding

Ombersley (Hymn 243) O sweet and tender as the dawn

Hesperus (Hymn 244) O sweet and tender as the dawn